Tennis Program FAQ

How do I find out if a class is canceled due to bad weather?
Best to give us your email and phone number. Also check our Website and Facebook page. Because we teach in many locations, it can be raining in Meredith and sunny in Concord. At each site, your Head Coach has the final say about cancelling due to weather. Late afternoon programs starting at 5pm or 5:30pm may wait to 4pm to make the call. One good rule of thumb: if there is lightening involved, classes will be cancelled whether it is raining or not.

What should my child wear for tennis?
Athletic clothes and sneakers. Participants at outdoor locations should dress appropriately for the weather that day. We recommend hats and sunscreen in the hot weather. No floppies. Too dangerous on the court.
Does my child need to bring a tennis racquet? Racquets are provided each week. However, it’s fine if your child prefers to bring his/her own.

Is this a drop-off program?
Generally “No.” We prefer that parents stay on site during their child’s class. Parents can watch from the viewing area in most locations. If for some reason you do need to leave the site, we ask that you leave a cell phone number where you can be reached. Bring a beach chair and enjoy watching your child learn the game.

What if my child needs to take a water or bathroom break?
Please bring a water bottle that has your name on it or is clearly distinguishable. We will provide water as well. If your child needs a bathroom break, please escort him or her to the facilities. This is a big reason why we like parents to stick around. Otherwise we have to assign a coach or volunteer to accompany your child since the facilities are not always adjacent the courts.

What is the cost to participate and what is the money used for?
Many programs are free and others have a small fee. Advantage Kids raises funds year-round to help keep the cost to families as low as possible. The money is used to pay coaches, the rental of tennis court space during the indoor season, the purchase of equipment, teaching materials, and to cover insurance and other administrative expenses. Actual cost of the programs vary based on location and program schedule. For those who can afford it, we hope you will donate to help us sustain our free programs for future years.

For Fee-Based Programs, do I pay upfront for the whole session (series of clinics) or just each week when we show up?
We request you pay for the entire session upfront. This enables us to maximize the availability of our program and also allows volunteers to spend their time focusing on the participants rather than handling payment logistics.

How do you ensure safety?
We make safety a priority on the court. We institute many best practices in this regard such as working hard to provide the appropriate volunteer to participant ratios,making sure participants maintain a safe distance from one another, setting up drills to have children hitting in the same direction, etc. We hold “safety talks” at the beginning of each session.

Do Your Coaches and Volunteers Go Through Background Checks?
Yes. No exceptions. If needed, background checks are paid for by Advantage Kids. Background checks are administered by local towns, through schools (if a coach or volunteer is a teacher), or by the USTA’s Safe Play program.

Is Advantage Kids insured?
Yes, we are both insured under the United States Tennis Association’s Master Liability policy.