Resources for Head Coaches (both tennis & educational)

  1. The Head Coach is responsible for making sure he/she has a current background check that is reported to Advantage Kid’s Administrative Assistant, who also serves as the Background Check Coordinator.
  2. The Head Coach is responsible for reporting his teaching hours and the hours of his/her Assistant Coaches. AK will assume a maximum of 2 hours per session per coach unless notified differently. Anything over two hours per session must be approved by the Executive Director of AK. Each Head Coach can send an email reporting their hours. We will pay Coaches at the end of a program unless otherwise requested and approved by the Executive Director.
  3. The Head Coach is responsible for being on site at least 15 minutes early or make sure that at least one of his/her Assistant Coaches is on site at least 15 minutes before a session begins.
  4. The Head Coach is responsible for making sure he/she has adequate equipment (racquets, balls, nets, etc.) Please report any deficiencies or needs to the Administrative Assistant.
  5. The Head Coach is responsible for the safety of the participants, assistants, and volunteers.
  6. The Head Coach is responsible for making sure that Assistant Coaches and Volunteers know their roles and responsibilities. A checklist will be provided the Head Coach for both groups that he/she can disseminate before the first session or no later than the first session.
  7. The Head Coach is responsible for planning each session so learning outcomes are clear and the session is run smoothly taking full advantage of limited time.
  8. The Head Coach, more than anyone else, must strive to make each session a fun or enjoyable learning experience.
  9. Since we are an NJTL whose mission is “to combine tennis and education to change lives,” the Head Tennis Coach must factor some degree of education into his/her program. Similarly, Head Education Coaches should relate their “learning sessions” to tennis whenever possible.

Background Checks
Go to the USTA’s Safe Play site to get your background check

Payroll Forms
Employee Information Short Form
2019 Form W-4
Direct Deposit Form

Printable Paper Registration Forms
(print and use only if absolutely necessary – i.e. a child shows up on the court to play and has not filled out the online form. please direct ALL players to sign up on the website)
Registration Form – Paper – Generic

Printable Coaching Manuals

Kent’s Team Challenge Instructions:
AK Team Challenge Formula

Boys & Girls Club Teaching Manual:

How to Launch an Event Checklist:
Event Launch

SERVES – 10 Leadership Units:
Teamwork and Being a Team Player (Overview)
STAR Leadership – Teamwork and Being a Team Player (Coach)
Unit 2 — Choices (Overview)
Choices and Consequences (Student)
Unit 3 — Goals (Overview – Final)
Perseverance (Overview)
Perseverance (Coaches)
Perseverance (Student)
Integrity (Coaches)
Self Esteem (Overview )
Self Esteem (Student)
Life Long Learning (Overview )
Lifelong Learning (Student)
Giving and Receiving Help (Overview ) (1)
Giving and Receiving Help (Student)
Mentors and Coaches (Coaches)