David Benzel’s 5 Strategies for Athletic Success

With Bob Ronstadt’s comments in italics

Learn everything you can about your sport.
That includes its history, its traditions, as well as technique and strategies.
Practice even when you don’t want to.
Champions do. And you are a champion if you do too.
Recognize errors and don’t make excuses. Own it. Improve it.
Recognizing errors is the first step toward experiencing “deep practice.” See the book, The Talent Code, to discover what “deep practice” means. Also, David Benzel extends this rule (don’t make excuses) to everyday behavior as well… e.g., don’t make excuses about being late to practice, losing your composure, passing the buck, etc. Own it. Improve.
Be an optimistic thinker.
In other words, don’t let the negative rule your athletic development or your life.
Believe in yourself. You must believe in yourself and your success story. Self confidence is nurtured through practice and competition. Your successes and failures build on each other, producing a better athlete. It is an unending process.
Enjoy the journey. Enjoy your life. And pass it forward.

To learn more about David Benzel, visit his website “Growing Champions For Live” at

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