School Programs

School Tennis Programs

School Programs are available for elementary, middle, and high schools. These include “in-school” programs as well as “after-school” programs. During the early Fall and late Spring, these programs are often held outdoors where tennis courts are available.

“We haven’t broken a window yet!”

When courts aren’t available, during the winter months when courts are covered with snow, we use the gym or assembly hall. How do we do it? We use portable pop-up nets and low compression tennis balls.

For in-school programs, we work with Physical Education teachers to provide a state-approved curriculum for teaching tennis during PE classes. Our after-school programs come in two varieties. First, we have our “competitive play lite” programs which periodically bring promising tennis players together to play low-pressure, fun-filled matches either outdoors or at participating clubs. Second, we offer after-school “tennis enrichment programs” that combine tennis with a designated learning/educational skill that’s geared to the level of the participants. For instance, an hour of tennis may be followed by an hour of computer coding, or an hour of tennis followed by an hour of work on reading and communication skills.

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