Nashua, NH

Principal Contact:
Dawn Dragon
Phone: 603 264-7075

Tennis PLUS in Nashua for Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club kids from the Greater Nashua Club are invited to this FREE! Tennis Plus program held at Longfellow New Hampshire Tennis & Swim Club in Nashua starting on Friday, December 6th. Transportation between the clubs is offered at no charge, and kids can register through

Tennis Plus (yoga & meditation) is a new program offered by Advantage Kids. Tennis is a lifelong sport that requires many of the same skills as yoga & meditation: focus, balance, and flexibility (of mind & body). We know that kids who practice yoga and meditation do better in school, are less anxious, and have higher self-esteem. We know kids who play tennis gain similar skills. It’s a perfect match! (see what we did there?)

Children who have been invited by Coach Scott McDougald to participate in this eight-week series may register online at Space is limited this time, but we are all excited to grow Tennis Plus in Nashua. Look for Spring sign-ups soon!

Scott McDougald teaches the tennis from 4:00-5:45pm for free at Longfellow New Hampshire Tennis & Swim. Contact Scott for more info at

Nashua Boys & Girls Club Free Jr. Tennis 10/4 – 11/15

Scott McDougald teaches Nashua kids beginner tennis from 4:00-5:30pm for free at the Boys & Girls Club. Contact Scott for more info at