Giving Kids an Advantage – Stories of Success

We do it for the kids, for their communities, and for their future. Here are some of our successes.

Dean Mason – Donovan Award Winner –
made a speech at the TennisGolf Fundraiser. These are his words:

Hi, I’m Dean Mason. This program has meant so much to me. I learned the skills to now be able to try out for the high school tennis team. I have learned a lot and I’m able to keep the ball going back and forth with my brother Mason. We have both been in this program for three years and it’s been a lot of fun. Without these lessons, I would not have these lifetime skills. I would not have a future in tennis or this experience. Without this program, like many others, my family would not be able to afford tennis lessons. I thank my coaches very much for making the three years a fun learning experience. The coaches have made these lessons more meaningful – they taught me the skills and how to keep score. They don’t teach like it’s a job, they teach with lots of love, respect, kindness, energy, patience, adventure, affection, consideration, braveness, and must have much adaptability.

I could not find enough words to describe what this program and these coaches have given me.