Dawn Dragon, co-Executive Director

Dawn knows firsthand the impact tennis can have on a child’s life. While her adopted son was in the foster care system, he participated in the free summer tennis program. He now loves tennis and plays for fun all the time!!!! His enthusiasm is contagious! Previously, he had been getting into trouble. School was a challenge. Tennis wasn’t even on his radar. But, along with learning to play (and love) tennis on the court, he learned to believe in (and love) himself off the court, too! The game has had an enormous impact on his life, and he has grown into a very successful young man.

Dawn’s compassion for people extends beyond her own children. She believes that everyone needs help sometimes, and that building a strong foundation is the key to flourishing in life. She wants everyone to believe in themselves, and to watch their lives transform once they do! This – her inspiration – is why she joined Advantage Kids.

Before accepting the role of Executive Director, she was an accountant with Denoncourt, Waldron & Sullivan, PA, and the Treasurer for Advantage Kids. Also in her previous life, she was the President of a genetic disorder support group for all of Northern New England. She wears many hats, all with enthusiasm and intelligence.

Though she doesn’t consider herself the best tennis player, she loves it all the same. Young Dawn found joy in hitting the ball back and forth with friends after school, and started playing “for real” later in adulthood. She now has the tennis bug and says, “Anyone can play! Tennis is a great quality of life!”