John J. Donovan Jr.John J. Donovan Jr. would say of himself that he was first a father. That’s loyalty. He embodied compassion in all his endeavors and continues to do so even after his passing by bestowing gifts and trusts to those in need. He supported and continues to support us here at Advantage Kids, and we want to give this award to commemorate his memory and honor the qualities he exemplified.

We want to honor one child in each of our programs that, like the late John J. Donovan Jr., portrays these most valued human qualities.


Advantage Kids is a tennis & learning organization that develops the whole child. We teach tennis on the courts, yes, which provides kids with lifelong advantages like healthy lifestyle, focus, and determination. But we also teach life skills, like those that John endeavored to model. With this award, we are honoring children who have demonstrated these qualities in life and in tennis.

  • Compassion – the willingness to be kind to another in a time of need, like when John J. Donovan Jr. flew sick children & their parents in his helicopter to their medical appointments in Boston
  • Loyalty – an immovable quality of love and dedication to those most important in our lives; staying true to our commitments
  • Integrity – doing what’s right and moral, no matter what, even if nobody is watching
  • Caring – seeing outside of yourself and understanding that other people matter just as much
  • Role Modeling – being the kind of person you want others to be; leading by example
  • Humility – not needing to be recognized for your own greatness, rather, focusing on service to others; like when John refused to take credit for those helicopter rides. It wasn’t about him. It was about the people who needed help.

It is with great humbleness and gratitude that we accept the honor of presenting this most heartfelt award to children who are destined to make the kind of impact that the late John J. Donovan Jr. had on this world.

Compassion | Loyalty | Integrity | Caring | Role Modeling | Humility

Be Different: Never follow the crowd – be a leader and have the courage to think differently and act differently – always question things – never, ever be a follower or strive to be average, or common, or ordinary – nothing ordinary has ever been, or ever will be, extraordinary.

2019 Award Recipients:

Dean Mason
Kevin Grey
Cooper Mousseau
Evan Drinkwine
Matthew Carsen