About Advantage Kids

As a National Junior Tennis Association (NJTL), we combine tennis and learning to make sure the children we teach will improve their odds of becoming successful in life – not just on the court, but off the court.

Over 300 NJTLs exist across the country. But we are the only one in New Hampshire.

Advantage Kids was created in 2012 as the Lakes Region Tennis Association. We changed our name to Advantage Kids in 2016 when we decided to offer programs across the state and become a National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) chapter of the United States Tennis Association. By becoming an NJTL, our board agreed unanimously to add education to our mission with the objective of making sure the children we taught would improve their odds of becoming successful in life…not just successful on the court, but off the court.

Over 300 NJTLs exist across the country. But we are the only one in New Hampshire. The first NJTL was founded by Arthur Ashe, the legendary tennis champion and global citizen. Learning his tennis in free, public parks settings, Arthur knew the power of education, both from his tennis mentors and later from his professors at UCLA. Many of our programs are also free, set in public parks, working hand-in-hand with Parks and Recreation officials. Others are offered through the Boys and Girls Clubs. Others are run in schools, where we support Physical Education teachers.

Wherever the venue, we never forget our mission:

Combining tennis and education to change lives

Advantage Kids’ mission is to provide a rich learning environment for children, particularly underserved children, that merges athletic skills with academic skills to produce values and knowledge they will use throughout their lives.

Most importantly, we reinforce the values that tennis teaches about life: perseverance, discipline, ethical behavior, how to deal with victory and defeat, and much more.

Specifically, Advantage Kids educates through tennis. Our coaches, mentors, and educators assist children with reading, writing, math, and coding, thereby improving communication skills. We introduce and reinforce knowledge about history, the sciences, the arts, and humanities by using tennis as a learning medium.

Like other NJTLs, our goal is to give children a “tennis ad” or “advantage” that will give them a better chance at realizing a successful and meaningful life on and off the tennis court.

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