A central part of our mission is to involve and develop tennis instructors who have extensive experience and success teaching tennis and/or other sports to younger students. We believe our instructors need to know how to teach tennis, but just as important, they need to know how to relate to younger students so they will impart a lasting enjoyment for the game. We put a high priority on an instructor’s ability to communicate and relate to young students in various age categories.

All of the free summer programs and lessons are made possible by tennis clubs and tennis teachers who volunteer their time to share their knowledge and love of tennis. to ensure the highest quality level of training for the youth, all of the coaches and trainers prior to the season have also gone through training with the United States Tennis Association.

LRTA sponsors professional development because our instructors must set a high standard. Our success is measured in terms of the number and percentage increase in our instructors who: 1) are USTA Members; 2) take USTA development training seminars and workshops; 3) engage in league play; and 4) become certified professional instructors. Currently all of our instructors are USTA members; one has taken a USTA 10 & Under workshop and several others plan to do so; all but one are involved in league play; and three are certified professional instructors.



Kamal is a member of the USTA and an active coach covering several youth sports (tennis, basketball, and cricket). Kamal lives and teaches in the Franklin/Tilton area. He’s also an active club player, regularly plays league tennis, as well as the occasional sanctioned tournament.



Bob is the Founder & Executive Director of the group with over 55 years of tennis experience. As a young man, he played high school tennis in Southern California and one year of college tennis.

Bob is the senior member of the group with over 55 years of tennis experience. As a young man, he played high school tennis in Southern California and one year of college tennis. During the summers, he taught tennis to help with college expenses. Over the years, he has played tournament tennis and been an active club player in California, Texas, and New England.

He is a long-time member of the USTA, and plays league tennis at Gilford Hills. He is also a budding tennis journalist with articles published in Tennis View Magazine.  In terms of coaching, he specializes in strategy, tactics, and the mental side of the game.



Terry is the Head Coach, has taught tennis for many years, and has been a USPTA certified teaching professional since 2006. He teaches all ages, ranging from 2 ½ years old to 75 years old.



Tim is the Founding Director and a member of the USTA for over 20 years. He was consistently ranked in the top 10 in NH as a junior, trained at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Florida, and went on to play #1 singles and doubles on a tennis scholarship at a Division 1 University in New York, Iona College.

After college, Tim founded ‘Hot Shots’ which was a tennis-teaching program that focused on junior tennis players in Westchester County NY. Tim now resides in the NH lakes region and remains active in tennis. He plays in both the singles and doubles leagues at Gilford Hills.